Future upgrades foundation was founded by Bernadete Nakanwagi, who was a building tomorrow fellow and social entrepreneur in 2015. With experience, she found it fundamentally important to influence the improvement of the education system in Uganda where students graduate with just certificates to look for jobs, they have little/ no seal to enterprise. Ugandan students have the potential to start up organizations and firms that can greatly develop our country but their potential is not yet discovered. they are trained on the right skills but their potential is not yet discovered. they are trained on the right skills but their mindset has been focused on employment.

Bernadete spent two years in Lwengo district (southern Uganda) working towards improving the quality of education in public schools in hard to reach areas in Uganda through capacity building for headteachers and training on better leadership skills in schools as a means of strengthening the school system, sensitizing community members on the impact of education, influencing students to practice skills learned at school in their day to day lives with their parents as a means to make parents embrace education, enroll and retain all out of school children in school and support their children to learn and boost their learning outcome. With that experience, Bernadete managed to enroll 1224 students in Lwengo district in Uganda in one year. 5054 parents were impacted and their livelihoods were improved. This is where she discovered the need for Future Upgrades Foundation that she founded and registered in February 2016.

Since then, Future upgrades Foundation has successfully worked in partnership with Multi corporations, foundations and education institutions and all stakeholders to implement its programs dedicated to youths empowerment and community development.

We are registered as a company limited by guarantee under REG. NO 80010001037838


We perform a variety f tasks in managing education and leadership as well as improve livelihoods.

Our programs have directly impacted 20 districts in Uganda, over 275 schools (Primary, Secondary and teacher training colleges) over 2,160 teachers and impacted over 310,000 youth using our training model.