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Future upgrades Foundation is a  non-profit organization aiming at empowerment of skills a through education, training of trainers, corporate motivation, mentoring and coaching. We support all education institutions, non profit and profits companies in deepening education partnerships that enhance the delivery of “21st century skills” and learning opportunities. Such empowerment is key to both breaking the cycles of poverty and investing in better choice that will break the cycles of poverty and make our economy grow.


To empower and motivate learners/teachers and leaders with advanced entrepreneurial, financial, business and personal development skills, inspiring them to drive innovation.


We envision a world of self motivated youths, utilizing innovative skills to their full potential, as an inspiration for enterprise and not just having university certificates to look for employment.

Key Objectives

  • To build self confidence and maximize ‘ Leadership presence’ in the schools and organizations we work with.
  • To re-align, re-engage and re-ignite Uganda to embrace and sustain standards that support a happy, healthy and high-performing culture of productivity, growth and innovation.
  • To empower and influence youth( learners) to become socially responsible citizens and great entrepreneurs through programs designed by FUTURE UPGRADES, as a necessity to create change in the livelihood of communities in Uganda.
  • To boost morale and transform toxic attitudes into tremendous attitudes towards entrepreneurship, innovation and personal growth.
  • To inspire and motivate organizational /institutional teams in creating loyalty and commitment as a means to upgrade networking and business development skills.
  • To train people in organizations/institutions affiliated to FUTURE UPGRADES through workshops to develop excellent ’emotional intelligence’, self awareness, empathy, self management and relationship building using a growth mindset.
  • To upgrade inter-personal skills, including resolving conflicts and managing complex relationships.
  • To manage workload, handle stress and ensure organizational growth/ life balance.

Future upgrade foundation draws its resource packages through improving learning outcome, unlocking teachers/students’ potential and improving their inner self image through persuasive influence, mentoring, coaching, career guidance and leadership training in order to have Uganda apply their skills as innovative entrepreneurs other than job seekers graduating from Education Institutions in Uganda.

At future upgrade Foundation, we believe all students have a right to thrive and survive in school, so, we sponsor orphan/vulnerable children’s education in hard to reach areas so that, no child is left out.

Our Programs

1. Student Skills support program

Students are the most utmost git and also the greatest resources for the society.

We inspire, motivate and boost students attitude towards innovation with a growth mindset and encourage the creation of youth friendly entrepreneurship and eco systems that allow students ideas to flourish and create sustainable businesses.

We train students on ways to unlock their potential to innovate by influencing parents and teachers to respect student perspective in learning.

We explore and protect the students’ rights to survive and thrive in school by bridging the gap between teachers, students and parents to influence positive parental engagement in learning.

Future upgrades foundation supports students to excel, not only in their school and academics, but also in their lives and we enhance their IQ level by improving the analytical skills and intellectual process.

2. The teacher performance upgrade program

We support, influence and train teachers through capacity building workshops to promote education that enhances capabilities of gainful employment and decent work through leadership skills building, competences, team work, mindset change and qualifications that are also relevant to the demands of a rapidly changing labor market and overall globalization trends. This makes them secure in the classroom and experience appropriate levels of autonomy or independence.

Just like Karl A Menninger quoted, “What the teacher is, is more more important than what he teaches”

3. Vocational skills development

The program aims at promoting  inter generational equity and strengthening economic and social policies that aim at eradicating poverty  and endeavoring to find synergy between economic growth by equipping youth with entrepreneurial-led vocational skills through mentoring and encouraging students to utilize practical and innovative skills for entrepreneurship and not to only study for certificates to look for jobs.

4. Sharpening the leadership edge.

This focuses on equipping head teachers with basic leadership in education skills since in Uganda, there is no school for head teachers. They all graduate as teachers so, 90% of them do not work to their full potential due to lack of enough skills for the leadership role and this hinders their productivity and excellence. We organize workshops to influence a sharper education leadership edge in Uganda.

5. Enrolling out of school children

We work with community members to identify out of school children, we meet them and council them, influencing, supporting and retaining them in school through peer to peer support.

6. Orphan child education sponsorship.

We sponsor vulnerable orphan children education so that no child is left out.

7. Trainers of trainers program

We have partnered with 40 teacher training colleges, where we take part in Continuous Professional Development training on the addendum to the PTC curriculum focusing on training 21st. century leadership and entrepreneurial skills to influence innovation and entrepreneurship in schools.

8. Corporate motivator consultation. (For companies and Organizations)

Nearly 25% of employees voluntarily leave their jobs or lose zeal in doing their best at work due to lack of development, confidence, empowerment and motivation.

Our core purpose is to unleash the power and potential of people for the greater good, getting their teams to work together and deliver service with more focus and passion! We support leaders to thrive. We provide the insight to help you make informed decisions about the leadership you need to build an organization that outperforms, inspires and grows.

We build a trans-formative learning culture at the workplace, influence employee competence and confidence, to cultivate potential growth and peak performances with a growth mindset.